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T 34-85 matchmaking


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By cessna94October 23, in Ground Forces Discussion.

Now i know lately there's been a lot of complaints about the tiger getting matched up with things like T Now that's true but your overlooking an Colver PA bi horny wives large problem with the tigers matchmaking.

Its getting matched with Su's, KV-2's and T 57's.

Almost every time i play a game in one of those tanks over half of the other team is tigers and panthers that's BR 4. Just because more people are playing Germans doesn't mean that it justifies not talking about issues with the Russians.

You'll get both sides of the fence. The difficulty with the T is frontal penetration, and how quickly it can move to flank.

World of tanks weak spots, tank guides, and tips

The three tanks you've mentioned have a very potent round and penetration capability, not saying the Tiger doesn't. A KV-2 has decent armor and can one West side original clothing kill a Tiger. The Su is basically a T but without a turret. It doesn't have good armor, but it does have a good gun.

The T, I agree, is outmatched. The gun is simply not able to pen the Tiger from the front, and often times not even from the sides. Facing a Panther in a KV85 is suicide, You have no chance at all from penning them frontally unless you're close enough to hit the lower plate, and even still that's pretty hard.

Tigers are just as hard to deal with, you're gonna bounce off him all day if he's angled in anyway.

It's easy if they're sitting there repairing but when they're moving around and firing back, it's a lot harder. Nail it square into the breach, and then a Tiger is nothing more than a kitty cat. Guess no one told Gaijin the barrel wasn't made of paper :salute:. I've personally have had no problems with Ts.

Now, Wives want sex tonight KY Mount olivet 41064 have to admit I haven't gone up against many. Most of the times it is a T However, when I have fought the 57, all they have pretty much done is broken a couple of my modules. Annoying, but no real danger.

I also have no problem destroying Ts. One hit from the 88 is usually enough. That because soviet Pof dating headlines you have pen point blank vs armor in case of panther slope good luck have fun.

Also lol when a panther eats HE and has no damage. On the other side tiger and especially panther will noscope your tank in the silouette no aiming required because the guns overdo. The first tank which is kinda equal to tiger and panther is IS 2 and thats tier 4. However you still get no angles, rly bad rate of fire you gain on your Tahoe City fuck and cum rly slowly.

This forum is really biased it is gross. While not in the best format, I still have to agree with you more than most other on the forum.

German fan loves their tank but keep downplaying them down to the dirt just to justify boring target practice games. Sigh Where to meet single professionals I could post screenshots. Using the X-ray cam while in the garage use the module setting I can't play my IS2 because it has paper turret armor and useless standard ammo.

Report post. Posted October 23, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Beetlegauise 4, Arctrooper Aim for between the turret and chassis.

Sagro 3, Some say the 57 is bugged in regards to the DM. Posted October 24, edited. Starduster Posted October 24, Nudelblitz 22, If you face a is2 it can be a real pain Luckily most is2 drivers suck in aiming.

But if you get 1 skilled guy. He wipes the floor with everybody.

Ze germans is UP pls buff or else i stop playing! Abgeschossene 10, Nordhammer 1, Posted October 25, ToddlerSpeedbump 1, Followers 0.

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