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Metaphors for fish


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Everyone else quickly cleared out after the show finished, but I continued to buzz with excitement like a resonating bell. For twenty minutes, I stood there and bathed in the energy the show had created. We had gone to see another variation of the Kecak dance here in Bali a few nights before, but this one took it to the next level.

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Piranha : These small South American fish of the genus Serrasalmus are known for their voracious appetites, even resorting to cannibalism when times are tough.

A human piranha is a competitive, ruthless predator. You may have one of these in your group of friends.

Shark : These fish have skeletons of cartilage and streamlined bodies and are among the scariest predators in the sea. Pilot Fish : This species Naucrates Naked milfs in Netherlands Antilles hangs out in warm ocean waters around sharks, rays and sea turtles feeding off their parasites and leftover bits.

Goldfish have much longer memories and scientists and the Mythbusters have trained them. Eel : There are hundreds of species of this finless fish, and many of them burrow into the ocean bottom in shallow waters. They look somewhat snakelike, though sea snakes are entirely different. Barracuda Sexy wife want casual sex Eagle These large, elongated fish have fang-like teeth, similar to American sugar mummy piranha.

Metaphorically, a barracuda is like a piranha, too, a predator in the office. Clownfish : Clownfish are one half of a classic case of mutualism with sea anemones the fish eat small invertebrates that could harm the anemones; the anemones protect the clownfish from bigger predators.

We’ve all used a fishy metaphor in the past, but use the wrong one and you can look pretty stupid

There should be some kind of metaphor in this relationship, but the Korean dating scandals clownfish can mean so many different things someone who is a joke, someone who lacks self-respect, etc. Continue or Give a Gift.

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