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Back-to-school season means new classes, new environments, and new attractive people to meet.

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While this phenomenon can be scary and intimidating, it also offers countless opportunities for new and exciting experiences.

How to safely hook up in college

Depending on who you ask, hooking up can mean anything. It can be anything from kissing to intercourse.

Regardless of how you define hooking up, it should always be a fun and safe experience for all parties involved. The keys to college hookups include being open about your expectations and always putting safety first. The first step in ensuring a good hookup experience Real pussy in Postville communication.

Being honest with yourself about what you want and communicating that to your partner is essential to having a positive sexual experience.

Talking about hooking up can sometimes be Dating trinidad and tobago, but communicating and understanding your own personal desires can help you better navigate the ups and downs of hooking up. But communicating while hooking up is not always as easy as people make it seem. There are multiple forms of contraceptives that are affordable and accessible both on campus and from your healthcare providers.

They are readily available to students and are constantly being restocked. The health center also offers free STD testing every day. It is easy to either make an appointment or just walk right in.

Use these best practices to avoid awkwardness

Outside of condoms, there are a numerous other birth Erotica for females options that you and your partner can explore. There are tons of choices, including the pill, an IUD and a hormone shot.

But remembering to communicate and practice good sexual health can help to ease the rollercoaster of crazy emotions and experiences that comes with hooking up in college. But perhaps the most important thing about having good sexual health is consent.

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Nothing can happen without clear and enthusiastic consent from both parties. Tuesday, July 20, Latest news. Undergraduate deans share journey to academia, advice for first-year students.

UM admissions allowing test-optional applications. Graduating senior Daniela Rodriguez advises students to take advantage of everything UM has to offer. Home Opinion Op-Ed How to safely hook up in college.

Opinion Op-Ed. Karina Sloan is a junior majoring in communication studies.

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